Aloha Kai

Located on the current site of Central YMCA, Aloha Kai is part of a development project in partnership with the youth organization. The project aims to raise tall, sleek condominium developments along with shops, restaurants, and parks in an effort to create a sustainable neighborhood.

e03cfc_5feb5f0361da01cbf987aadd5c074dc3.jpg_srz_410_545_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzConstruction on this 39-story building began in late 2014. With only 128 units and a predicted four units to each floor, residents can be assured of privacy and ample living space. While amenities and features have yet to be released, one of the most notable details is the view. This condo tower is positioned among the Yacht Harbor Towers, with a clear view of the yacht harbor and some partially obstructed views of the ocean.

Aloha Kai faces the eastern entrance of Ala Moana Shopping Center, a large open-air market of high-end fashion names and renowned restaurants. Residents can reach Ala Moana Beach Park in just a short walk. The large grassy areas are perfect for picnics and games, and the golden sand is wide enough to go tanning without being bothered by crowds. A coral reef protects the beach, so the water is calm enough for swimming.


Developers of the Aloha Kai condo community are San Diego-based MB Property Acquisitions, the developer of Watermark luxury condos. During the development project, YMCA will be repositioned to a new facility adjacent to the condo tower, which is currently planned to open in 2017.